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Pharmacy Board approved
AusDI is approved as both a source of current Australian Product Information, Consumer Medicines Information and as a Drug Interactions reference.
Reliable content for all health professionals
1. As well as pharmacists, the information in AusDI is accessible to:
2. 17,000 GPs via MedicalDirector Clinical prescribing software
3. 11,000 dentists
4. 350 nursing homes
5. Universities, public and private hospitals across Australia
Most comprehensive medicines content
1. Over 80,000 pages of clinically relevant content. No other Australian product compares in its depth of coverage or data.
2. Includes:
3. Independent AusDI Drug monographs developed in Australia for the past 18 years
4. Product Information (PI)
5. Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)
6. Product Summaries and Images
Superior interactions and safety module with 5 warning types
1. Drug – drug interactions
2. Duplicate therapy warnings
3. Drug – food interactions
4. Drug – complementary medicines interactions
5. Potential additive shared side-effects
6. Fully referenced detailed monographs for every interaction
Product identifier
1. Easily identify unknown products by selecting physical attributes such as shape, colour and markings, with links to clinical content from the search results.
Unique content for medication reviews and patient counselling
1. TGA approved Indications, and other medically accepted non-TGA approved uses
2. Counselling points for healthcare professionals
3. Special precautions including: contraindications, interactions, paediatric and geriatric; adverse effects; dosing and adjustments; effects on lab values and patient monitoringo Information regarding discontinued products, including where available, expiry date of last batch in the market
Currency of data
1. AusDI is Australia’s most up-to-date medicines information resource.On average, 80% of AusDI Product Information documents updated in any month are more current compared to similar Australian medicines information resources1Data is updated daily and published monthly in line with the latest PBS schedules.
Better value for money
1. No extra costs or add-ons – all content and modules are included, which includes access for up to 3 users across desktop and mobile devices for $250 plus GST.
Ease of access and superior usability
2. Simple, easy to use interface on both desktop and mobile optimised formats providing quick access both in and outside the pharmacy.
3. Integrated with FRED dispense.
AusDI is now device responsive
” AusDI is now device responsive and can be used on most devices with an internet connection and a web browser (smartphone, tablet and desktop). Access all the comprehensive medicines information and features including the Interactions and Safety and Product Identifier modules.