Don’t Rush to Crush for eMIMS Cloud only (add-on)

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The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia – SECOND EDITION of DON’T RUSH TO CRUSH is now available as an add-on to eMIMSCloud

As this is a add-on to eMIMS Cloud this can only be used with a current subscription.
Only one add-on is needed per subscription (pharmacy) regardless of the number of users purchased.

The add-on will only be valid for the current subscription and will need to be renewed at the same time as your eMIMS cloud subscription.

Pro rata rates for current running subscriptions are available from MIMS only; please contact them for further information

Navigation is simple; search generic or brand name in the Medicines Information module and with one click you are in the information specific to that medicine. Or, if you want to search the entire Don’t Rush to Crush Content you can do so in the eMIMSCloud Clinical Resources module. Save yourself time, improve patient safety and be confident your information is the most up to date you can find.

You can add Don’t Rush Crush to your current eMIMSCloud subscription and at a prorated cost that fits the timing of your existing subscription. Updates to the content will continue as and when they are made by the SHPA.
Both eMIMSCloud and Don’t Rush to Crush are included in Pharmacy Board of Australia’s list of essential references for pharmacy practice and combining these two products electronically can reduce your overall costs. With this in mind and with the need for clear, professional advice regarding the suitability of crushing a medicine, the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) and MIMS have partnered to ensure