APF Digital Single User Licence (12-month subscription)

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APF Digital Single User Licence (12-month subscription)
Stay on top of your clinical game with this mandatory and essential resource of best practice. APF Digital provides easy access to essential information you need for reviewing, dispensing, counselling or providing clinical assessments.

APF Digital content is contemporary and updated every month. Always have the latest CAL recommendations (updated every month), new chapters and updated content as soon as they are published. Access to APF Digital also includes exclusive APF Digital-only chapters:
• Evidence-based medicine
• Biosimilar medicines
• Opioid-induced constipation
• Opioid substitution therapy
• Individualised medicine
• Medicines and diet
• Medicines in older people
• Exclusion periods for infectious conditions
• Medical and surgical emergencies
• Poisoning

With easy access from any device, anywhere, any time (internet connection required), this single user licence is perfect for individual pharmacists or pharmacy students. With search and bookmarking features, you can find the answers you need in just a few clicks.

Please note that only one purchase per customer is allowed.

The APF Digital Single User Licence provides individual pharmacists with a 12-month subscription to APF Digital (with annual renewal) (online). Please note that APF Digital cannot be downloaded.
By purchasing APF Digital, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the APF digital licence: https://www.psa.org.au/media-publications/australian-pharmaceutical-formulary/