LogTag with built in USB

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If you only need to monitor one or two fridges or freezers, then this USB model provides all the features of the standard LogTag interface. (If you are monitoring more than that then the standard LogTag is more cost effective.)
You need to install a copy of the free LogTag Analyser software on your PC to program the logger prior to use.
Then, to retrieve results you can either;
– view the logger as a USB drive and open the automatically generated PDF report, or
– use the LogTag Analyser program to see the graph (with pan and zoom capabilities)
The automatically generated PDF make this an ideal logger for tracking your cold chain transport.
Pack a USB LogTag with your goods and the receiver can plug it into any PC (no software needed) and download the report.

PUSH BUTTON START – Configure the Tag to use Push Button Start and there is no rush about getting the Tag from the Reader to the Refrigerator. Logging will not begin until the Start button is pushed.

VISUAL ALERTS – If the Tag logs temperature outside the safe range you have set, the Alert LED will flash red, giving you a handy visual notification that there has been a problem.

EASY TO USE – The LogTag is so simple to set up and use that you’ll be an expert in no time.